Family Time

Friday is reserved for stories.  Since we are co-bloggers, the first two Fridays, we will introduce you to our families. I’m so happy that today I get to talk about my family! Hmm… Where to begin?  Well, I am married to my best friend, soulmate, and wonderhappy, Andrew,.  He is funny, smart, and the most amazing father to our children.  Speaking of our children, we have 2 beautiful identical twin 3 year old girls, Cadi and Cori. Cadi loves dancing, singing, and her baby dolls, Cori loves drawing/coloring, animals, and reading. They both adore their little brother, Charlie.  Charlie is a crazy, silly, happy little boy. He is 16 months old and can keep up (or at least try to) with almost everything his sisters do. We also have my brother Zack and his 3 year old son with us. Zack is a great dad and such a help around the house. He is in the National Guard and is very hard working. Izech (his 3 year old son) is an amazing young man.  He is best friends with Charlie and the girls and him are three peas in a pod. Lastly, there is me, I’m a gardening, cooking/baking, crafty (if not a little crazy with 4 kids under 4 in the house) stay at home mom. I use to work as a home health aid/CNA, but due to health reasons, I’m no longer able to work or drive. My family means the world to me, and I’m so glad I got to share about them with you all today.  Love, Sarah

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20150326_141846fwefwe FB_IMG_14304206647931


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