Golden Family Garden

Good Morning! This morning I’m excited because the Golden family garden has been set up. Last year I got to do a great garden in our new backyard.  Unfortunately, I ran into some issues because the place we chose for planting turned out to be a very shady area. On top of that,health issues made it very hard for me to be out in the heat tending to and weeding the garden for an extended period of time. While I was able to produce some vegetables, it was not as productive as I had hoped.

This year, I revamped the game plan.  With help (and muscle) from my wonderful husband and awesome brother, I have set up a garden that should be much more efficient in growing and can allow me to tend to it properly while still avoiding the high heat.  The solution was building a tire garden.  Yep, that’s right, a garden built out of old tires.  I began gathering old tires from friends and neighbors. (TIP: Most people don’t want to have to pay to get rid of tires that can’t be used.  If  you post online that you are looking for some to recycle, people are normally willing to give them away.)   Once I got the amount of tires I wanted, I had my husband and brother dig up the garden (a rototiller would have made it easier, but we didn’t have access to one this year).  They dug about 10 inches down and placed the tires (2 in a stack for most), then filled them with dirt.   The next nice day, we will be enlisting the help of my children to paint the tire stacks white.

Golden Garden

But WHY?  WHY tires? Well, for one thing I now have far less bending to weed and tend to the plants since they are raised 2 feet off the ground. Once the tires are painted, they will reflect more light up into the plants, which is needed in a low sunlight area.  The tires will also provide a warm environment for the roots to grow.  Since there is less surface area, there will be less weeds!   With the garden all set up, I can’t wait to begin planting! Happy Gardening to you all!   Stay tuned as I will sometimes update about my tire garden!


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