Today, I want to talk about organization!  We live in a small place, so organization is very important here.  It took a lot of work to find a good system.  I think I will just let the pictures do the talking.   Here is what works for us:

Organize 1 Organize 2 Organize 3 Organize 4 Organize 5 Organize 6 Organize 7 Organize 8 (1) Organize 9 Organize 10 Organize 11 Organize 12


7 thoughts on “Organization

  1. Wow you are so creative! I love the magnetic knife strip and also using curtains for a closet door! The car wall is amazing, I have never seen anything like that before! Thanks so much for joining the Link-It To Me Link-Up Party! I will be looking forward to seeing more posts from you next week.

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    • Aww, thank you so much! I find that cleaning is sooooo much easier with organization. And sometimes fun for the kiddos, too, because they know where everything goes! Maybe I should do a post on how to make the car garage! That seems to be a favorite. 🙂


      • I think you DEFINITELY should! As I was reading it I was thinking ‘I wish all of these pictures were separate posts” because it would really help boost your followers (in my opinion). Maybe do an organization series? Just an idea


      • Great idea! I am not quite sure how we would fit that in, though. We have a different theme for each day 🙂 Sunday is duplicable recipes (we find recipes online and see if they are duplicable for the average person). Monday is for tips and ideas (organization was one). Tuesday is reserved for guest bloggers. Wednesday is for homemade recipes. Thursday is for health and home remedies. Friday is for family fun posts. And Saturday wraps the week up with crafts (we touch on all different ages). We will definitely take your idea into consideration! I did post the pictures separately rather than a collage so that they could be pinned separately.


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