Craft Saturday: Dreamcatcher

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I admit, I forgot to take the BEFORE picture until AFTER I made the dreamcatcher, so the feathers in the picture showing what I used do not match. Hey, it just goes to show we all have our imperfections 😉 I really enjoy making dreamcatchers. And no two ever turn out the same.  You can make them as large or small as you want (I have made as small as earrings!) And any colors you choose!  For this one, I chose black and blue because I was going for a more masculine look.

*A ring of choice for the dreamcatcher circle. You can find these at most craft stores.
*A fastener (I just think of it as a keychain ring, so I included a picture of the packaging for you!)
*Yarn in your choice of color
*Embroidery thread in your choice of color
*Pony beads in your choice of color (I prefer odd numbers for this. I do 3 for smaller dreamcatchers and 5 for larger ones.)
*Feathers in your choice of color
*Super glue (our Dollar Tree sells 2 for $1)
*Hot glue gun

20150428_183618 (1)

1. Cut off approximately how much yarn you think you will need. Chances are you will need much less than what you think. This happens to me every time.
2. Tie one end of the thread to the circle. Put a little bit of super glue on it and let dry for a few seconds. Repeat around the circle every couple inches or so. When you get back to the original knot, skip it and tie the next knot in the middle of the line you originally made. Continue this until you feel the middle is as small as you want it. Be sure to glue and wait a few seconds for each knot.  When all knots are finished, cut off excess thread.
3. Hold about half an inch of yarn down with one thumb and wrap with the opposite hand in the opposite direction, so that you cover the end with the yarn rather than having to make a knot. You can let go when you have wrapped about 3-4″.  Continue wrapping until you come full circle.
4. Slide the end of the yarn through the last loop you made and pull tight. Leave a few inches and tie the end of the yarn to the fastener. Dab with super glue, let dry for a few seconds, and cut off excess yarn.
5. Cut thread twice as long as you want it to hang from the bottom of the dream catcher. Do this with three pieces of thread.  Tie each piece even spaces apart, starting with the middle one.  This will leave two ends hanging from each thread you tie.
6. Place three pony bead on a thread (both pieces together) and tie a double knot. If they are falling off, tie a triple knot. Place hot glue inside the beads, then quickly stick the feather stem through them.  Repeat this for the other two threads.
7. Let dry for ten minutes and enjoy your new creation!

Here are some other dreamcatchers I have made:

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2 thoughts on “Craft Saturday: Dreamcatcher

  1. Dream catcher’s are so awesome! I love your take on them with the zany pink colors! I’ve made a couple myself but none so fancy. I found you from the Get Your Shine On link party! Thanks for posting 🙂


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