Did The Dryer Shrink Your Clothes?

shrink main

Today, I get to share a tip my wonderful husband has been using for a while now. I know EVERYONE at some point has had to deal with their clothes shrinking from going in the dryer. It’s a battle we all hate to face.  Well this trick is fairly quick, very easy, and works so well that I will never have to get rid of another piece of clothing that got shrunk again!!

All you need is:
*A shrunken clothing item
*Warm water (in kitchen, tub or basin)
*A cap full of baby shampoo
*2-3 Bath Towels

shrink 2


1. Start by filling your water basin (That’s what we used this time, but have used the sink or bath tub before) with warm water.  Pour in a cap full of baby shampoo and mix it around.

Shrink 3

2. Take your clothing item (this time using a pair of my jeans) and put it in the water, getting it completely saturated and work the fabric a bit.
shrink 4
3. Take it out of the water and wring it out. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER.
shrink 5
4. Once most of the excess water is wrung out, lay your clothing item out on a towel.
shrink 6
5. Roll the towel up with it inside to absorb out more moisture. (We put another towel on top for this step, it can be done either way)
shrink 8
6. Now you should have a damp piece of clothing.  The baby shampoo should have relaxed the fibers in it so now you can begin stretching it back to its original size (or the size you would like it).  Stretch it once.  Wait 20 min, stretch it again, then wait 20 more min and stretch it one last time.
shrink 9
Let it air dry the rest of the way.
shrink 10
Now go ahead and try that shirt or those pants on.  Mine always come out to a perfect fit! I hope this tip helps you in saving your favorite clothing!

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