Saved Lives

HP          20150405_221908

Our lives were literally saved this morning!!!! I have to park on a hill where I take my daughter to school. At the bottom of the hill is a 50 year old guard rail that the police officer said would not have held up. To the right is houses. To the left are a school, cars, and people. I parked the car and put the keys in my pocket. My daughter (4) was getting out of the van while I was unbuckling my 1 year old from his rear facing carseat. The car started rolling down the hill. I couldn’t get them both out, and I surely couldn’t choose. Ahead was over a 50 feet drop after the guard rail. I jumped halfway into the driver’s seat, pushed my daughter back in, steered the van left, over curb, and into the school yard. We stopped when two tires flattened. That’s it. Two flat tires and a panic attack for Mama once my body caught up with my mind. The staff was amazed and shocked. My already broken back is now in a lot of pain from the quick movements, but my babies are fine!!! I did not hit anyone or anything except a curb and a yard. I got them out and stopped to pray before taking my daughter into class. It all happened so quickly that she was right on time for her class to start.


6 thoughts on “Saved Lives

  1. God was right there with you! Sorry to hear your “already broken back” is causing you more pain now; but happy you are able to give witness to the miracle! Praying your back (and your panic-mode) eases up real soon!

    Thanks for sharing…we all have those miracle stories – God stories! Appreciate your sharing yours!


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