Toothache Tea

toothache tea

I discovered this AMAZING tea when I was pregnant with my youngest child and had a terrible toothache from a previously botched root canal.  I was looking online for something natural to help with the tooth pain because I won’t take medication while pregnant.  I read somewhere that ginger, honey, and lemon combined kill bacteria.  So I made hot lemon ginger tea, which I bought at the store, and added honey.  Honestly, I did not like the taste, so I swished it around in my mouth for a few seconds and spit it out into the sink.  I repeated this over the next half our or so.  Within a couple hours, my tooth pain was only about half as bad! So I repeated the tea swishing.  The next day, my tooth barely hurt at all!!!  I couldn’t even eat the day before because of the pain.  I couldn’t believe it!  This was my go-to drink whenever I had a toothache.  Later down the road, I got the tooth pulled but was also supposed to have surgery due to an infection the tooth had caused.  I went back to the tea and avoided the surgery because the infection was gone! The oral surgeon was AMAZED!  He said he did know these ingredients can help kill bacteria, but he was surprised that I completely avoided the surgery and healed the infection just with this method.  So now when people get a toothache or other problems with their mouth, it is the first thing I recommend.  Next time your mouth or tooth hurts, give it a try.  I only did this 2-4 times per day.  Some people like the taste.  For me, swishing it in my mouth was good enough. The benefits were more than worth it!


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