Living Room Fishing

fish 1 main

The other day, my children decided that they really, REALLY wanted to go fishing. NOTHING  was going to stop them from going fishing,… Except we have no fishing poles, no fishing equipment, and nowhere nearby to really even go fishing. So I decided to come up with a way that they could go fishing without having to leave the house.  I sent Andrew (my husband) out to find a few sticks. With the sticks, some ribbon, and the hooks from coat hangers, I made them each a play fishing pole. (TIP: the sticks were very similar to the sticks you would use to roast marshmallows; there is still a little flexibility but they are strong enough to hold up the ribbon and the hook).  I cut the fish shapes out of a bunch of different pieces of cardboard. Then, I attached a little piece of ribbon and tied it into a loop on each one. I set out a blue-ish blanket and tossed the fish all over the blanket. The kids each got their own mini boat (a box) to sit in. The boats helped keep the kids separate so they weren’t poking each other with their poles, and it was just so cute. They fished for quite a while and had a blast.  All the fun of fishing without all the stress.  Not to mention the amazing hand eye coordination it takes to be able to hook one of these fish! Go ahead and try it in your own living room.  I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine did!

fish 3          fish 2

fish 5          fish 4

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