Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother's Day Crafts
Mother’s day is TOMORROW.  Did you forget to get something? If you are like me, getting a homemade Mother’s Day gift is way better than anything bought at a store. Here are three last minute homemade ideas that you can do with your little one for that special lady!
Pieces 1
I Love You to Pieces HeartMATERIALS:
A heart cut out of cardboard (we used cereal boxes)
10-20 puzzle pieces (depends on how big your heart is)
Paint (as many colors as you want; we chose 3 colors each)
Paint brushes
A Marker (or you can use paint for this as well)

pieces 2
1. Start by painting your cardboard heart.  We used one color, but you can use as many as you want.
2. While the heart is drying, paint all of your puzzle pieces. We did two colors for these. Two of the kids did both colors on each piece while the other did some of each color.
pieces 3
3. Once everything is dry, glue the puzzle pieces to the edge of your heart like a frame.  II used a hot glue gun this time because they were being mailed, and I wanted to make sure they arrived intact.  You can use whatever glue you wish.
pieces 4
4. For the last step, we used a black marker to write “I Love you to Pieces” in the middle of the heart. You could paint this in if you would like.  We also wrote “Happy Mothers Day, Love (Kid’s Name)” on the back.
Pieces 5

VOILA!   A very cute, very easy Mother’s Day craft any mommy would be overjoyed to get.

Frames 1
Styrofoam Plate Picture FrameThis craft is a fun one and comes out sooo nice!! My kids had a lot of fun painting and gluing everything into place.

Styrofoam plate
Cardboard cut to make a frame (picture size)
Paint brushes
Glitter glue (or regular glue)
Modge podge

Frames 2
1. If you haven’t already, cut a rectangle of cardboard with a smaller rectangle cut out of it.  Make sure it fits the picture you want to frame.
2. Paint the frame white. You could use a different color if you so choose, but make sure it is one solid color.
Frames 3
3. While the frame is drying, paint the styrofoam plate. We did 3 colors each, but it doesn’t matter how many colors you choose. The plate doesn’t have to be neat, just colorful.
Frames 4
4. When the plate has dried, cut it into little pieces (TIP: Cut it into strips and cut all the strips together into little squares.)
Frames 5          Frames 6
5. Coat one side of the frame in glue, and place little pieces of the painted plate onto the glue. You can just do random placement or color coded.  It is up to you!  Use your imagination!
Frames 7
6. Do the same with each side of the frame until it is completely covered.
Frames 8          Frames 9
7. After the glue is completely dry, cover the entire thing in modge podge to give it shine and help hold it all together.
Frames 10
8. Once it has dried, attach your picture to the back.
Frames 11          Frames 12
And there you have it… A beautiful picture in a hand made frame for that special mother!  I hope you enjoy making this craft! We sure did! And I know anyone would be so happy with this hand made gift!!


Bouquet 1

Handprint Bouquet

If you really only have 5 minutes, here is a craft that you can do very quickly and is beautiful.

Paint brush
Marker (optional)

Bouquet 2

1. Decide how many hand prints you will be doing.  We did four, because there are four children.  If you only have one child, he or she can do multiple handprints.
2. Lay the paper flat on the table.  Paint your child’s hand with whatever color you choose. (TIP: I use the paint brush to paint their hands, but  you could pour the paint onto a plate and rub their hands in it instead.)

Bouquet 3
3. Lay the hand flat on the paper, creating a beautiful hand print.

Bouqet 4
4. Repeat Step 3 with however many hand prints you chose.  We used different colors, but you could also use the same color for each one.
5. Paint green stems from each of the hands and add leaves to each stem.

Bouquet 5
6. With a marker (or paint), write a special Mother’s Day message and Happy Mother’s Day. I also added each child’s name since there were four children on ours.

Let it dry and you have a very personalized bouquet of flowers that will never wilt. She is sure to love seeing it on her wall everyday!


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