Himalayan Pink Salt

Today’s health and home remedy tip is about salt! That’s right, I said SALT.  Did you know there are alternatives to the table salt we use so much? With my disorder (Vasovagal Syncope), the main treatment is to eat tons of salt (I mean A LOT of salt).  I started worrying about how unhealthy it could be to eat as much as I need to, so I did some research on healthier salts.  You have probably heard of sea salt being healthier than iodized salt.  However, both are over processed.

There is ANOTHER option you can try – Himalayan pink salt. Yes,  it is actually pink. And it is better for you than both others mentioned!!

Pink Salt

You are probably wondering what makes Himalayan pink salt so special (other than the color).  Basically, 200 million years ago, whole crystallized sea salt areas were covered with molten hot lava.  The salt has been stuck in these areas, untouched, for a very long time. The ice cover has kept it protected from everything, including people and pollution. Experts think that this pink Himalayan salt could be the purest salt found on Earth.

pink salt 2

So, it is pure and pink… What else could it possibly have to offer? Much much more!

Himalayan crystalized salt is said to contain 84 trace minerals and elements, and each of them are found in the human body. It is rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium chloride, sulfate, and calcium.

Why Himalayan Pink Salt?
*Lots of healthy minerals and elements that can be used in cooking and baking
*Add a pinch to a beverage to improve hydration
*Use it to gargle when you have a sore throat
*Using it in place of table salt (iodized salt) for a healthier experience.

Pink Salt 3

Since I started using Himalayan pink salt, I have noticed it has a little sweeter of taste than table salt (remember, I eat a lot of salt).  And my body seems to react much better to it than to other salts I have tried.


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