Paper Plate Pig


This week, I asked the kids what kind of craft they wanted to do.  They all decided that they wanted to make piggies (we are reading “Charlotte’s Web” again). The picture you see above is what I came up with.

Paper plate
Water bottle
Pink paint
Googly eyes
Pink foam (you could use cardboard and paint it pink)

Black marker

1. Paint the bottom of the plate pink.
2. While the plate is drying, have an adult cut the water bottle in half and paint the bottom half pink.
3. Once the paint has dried, glue the half bottle onto the plate for a snout.
4. Cut the foam or cardboard into 2 triangles and glue to top of plate for ears.
5. Glue googly eyes on (if you don’t have Googly eyes you can draw eyes on with a marker).
6. With a black marker, draw a mouth and 2 lines on the snout for the nose.


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