Grilled Kebabs

Kebabs 8

Memorial Day weekend is this weekend.  I know, it is hard for me to believe, too!  It will be a big weekend for cookouts, so I thought I would share a recipe often requested when we grill.  My family and friends REALLY enjoy my homemade kebabs.  We also eat these as an entire meal when it is just us.  I came up with these a long time ago, when my first daughter was a baby.  I needed something that I could prep ahead of time, and this can even be prepped the day before!

Thin steak (or other meat of choice; you can even skip the meat altogether)
Large Onion
Yellow Pepper
Orange Pepper
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
2 Zucchini
Yellow Squash
2 lbs mushrooms
32 oz Zesty Italian dressing
10 Quart size bags
Wooden skewers (kitchen or garden section at the store)
1. Cut the vegetables first and place each into a bag.  Make sure the pieces are not too big and not too small.  (See picture of examples)
Kebabs 1
2. Place about 1/4 cup of dressing in each bag, close it (leave air in it), and shake it.  Add more dressing to any bags that don’t cover all the vegetables.  This sometimes happens with the zucchini and squash.  I choose different bags for each vegetable so that the flavors don’t mix together.  You could try putting them all in a couple gallon size bags, but I have never done so.
3. Cut the steak into long, 1″ wide strips.
4. Place the steak into a bag with dressing, close, and shake.
Kebabs 2
5. Leave the ingredients to marinade for AT LEAST one hour.  The longer, the better.  I do not recommend marinading for more than 24 hours.
6. At least half an hour before prepping the kebabs, place them in a 13×9 glass baking dish with water to soak for 30 minutes.  This will help keep the wood from burning.
7.  When making the kebabs, I like to mix the vegetables up in a bowl, but you could also make pepper kebabs, mushroom kebabs, etc.  Choose what you want and just start making the kebabs.  I place them on cookie sheets because they are large enough to hold everything.
Kebabs 3               Kebabs 4
8. Repeat with the steak.  I always do the vegetable preparation first to prevent cross contamination.
10. spray the grill with nonstick cooking spray before turning it on.
11. Grill the kebabs on medium, rotating often.  Cook until desired tenderness.
12. ENJOY!
Kebabs 5                    Kebabs 6
When my kids like what I make, they always say, “redo” so that I know to make it again.  For this, they always yell it after the first couple bites!  They also like to help make the kebabs.  Because the skewers are wooden, they are like toothpicks, therefore they are kid friendly.  This meal is a bit time consuming, but it is definitely worth it! Once you try it, I think you will agree! The best part is that it doesn’t all have to be done at once.  I like to prep it the night before, which is great for busy families.
Kebabs 7

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