Egg Carton Bumblebees

Bee 7

Today, we originally wanted to make pine cone bird feeders.  So we went for a walk to find pine cones. Our search was unsuccessful, because could only find little ones that were too skinny and flimsy. On our walk, the kids spotted a few bumblebees flying around.  Since I told them we would have to wait on the bird feeders, they asked if we could make bumblebees.  I looked through my craft closet and came up with a quick craft for them.

Bee 1
Yellow paint
Black paint
Paint brush
Egg carton (2 egg holders per person)
3 Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes

1. Cut the egg carton into 2 egg holder segments for however many bees you want to make.
2. Paint the egg carton piece all yellow.

Bee 3                Bee 2
3. Once the yellow paint has dried, paint on black stripes.
4. Let the black paint dry.  Then, using glue, attach the Googly eyes to one end.
5. Cut one pipe cleaner in half (we used a black one for this), and twist them together to make an X. This is going to become the legs. Glue it to the bottom of the egg carton in between the 2 holders.
6. Take a pipe cleaner (we used black for this as well) and cut 1 inch of it off. This is going to become the stinger, so glue it to the opposite end of the eyes.
7. With the remaining pipe cleaner, cut to the length you would like and bend in half to make the antenna.  Glue it to the top, above the Googly eyes.
8. To make the wings, twist a pipe cleaner (we used a white one for this) into a figure 8. Glue this to the top, in between the 2 bumps.

Bee 4
There you go! You have your very own bumblebee.  I used fishing line and hung ours up around the house by some of our flower crafts. Since the legs are made from pipe cleaners, you can bend them how you want to have the bee stand up. My kids loved making them and thought they were just so cute!

Bees 5                    Bees 6


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