Why We Let Our Kids Play Video Games


Do your kids play video games? I used to think it was a bad idea to let my children play games on the TV. But then we were given a Wii, and my mind changed completely. Here’s why…

We only play family games. We mostly play Wii Sports, but sometimes we play Just Dance Disney.  The sports games are 2-4 players. We have two remotes, so this forces a lot of sharing. Everyone takes turns. We take turns battling each other in games. We take turns choosing the games. We okay some games in teams, meaning whoever shares the remote is a team. The team members add their scores together to get a team score. These methods teach sharing and teamwork.


My eight year old is developmentally delayed. She also has ADHD. She absolutely LOVES playing the Wii. Since we take turns with the sports, she only has to pay attention for a short period of time. It helps her with following directions, paying attention, and a bit of hand eye coordination since she has to pay attention to which way she needs to move the remote. The dance songs are short and are able to capture her attention.


These games are especially nice for when it isn’t possible to be outside. Our kids really enjoy playing sports outside, but if it is dark or the weather is bad, they will usually settle for the sports games. While this version of sports is not as active, it still does require physical activity. Some physical activity is better than none at all. So we find that this is a good way to get a bit of exercise when stuck inside.

                    Wii 9

There are other family games you can play, such as trivia games. This would serve educational purposes. We okay the two we do because even our one year old is able to try to play. It is literally fun for the whole family.




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