Guest Blogger: Rhiannon Welton

Thank you to Sarah and Karen for having me as your guest blogger today.

One day this spring, my stepdaughter and I came across a little yellow crocus, and it was beside a trampled one.  They were in the area where our dog tends to spend most of his time when he goes outside.  My stepdaughter thought it needed planted with our other ones, and I agreed.  Once it was moved, it was safer and shining brightly amongst the lavender colored crocuses.  We also replanted the bulb of the one that had been trampled so that it would be safe with the lavender flowers.  While this may not be its year to thrive, it has hope for next year.

This scenario reminded me of something I have been working on lately; The Encourage Project .  The Encourage Project is an outreach which primarily focuses on assisting women and children through difficult circumstances.  Essentially, they have been trampled upon like the little yellow crocus.  I have lived in the darker circumstances of life and am therefore personally aware of the subtle yet important needs that exist. Maybe you have as well?

Whether it be bad personal choices or other circumstances, there are so many who need listened to, help getting through, and personal needs met.

My focus is giving handmade and specially chosen items to women and/or their children in need. Whether it be discouragement, sexual brokenness, depression, challenges of pregnancy or mourning the loss of/termination of a pregnancy, isolation, incarceration, child of someone imprisoned, or lack of direction and support, the aim of this project is to give items that will comfort, cleanse, and help sustain them in other ways.  Relevant and vital information for help with the situation burdening them will be offered if possible.  Many, but not all times, this is done in an anonymous fashion.

50% of Jewelry In Candles Commissions goes to The Encourage Project

Anyone can participate in The Encourage Project!  Currently, I am utilizing for raising funds.  I also have a personal website should people prefer to discuss how to support the project in other ways.  Also, 50% of the commissions I earn on Jewelry in Candles sales goes to The Encourage Project.

You can also look for the “yellow crocuses” near you.  Perhaps you personally know someone who is going through something very difficult.  Do you know how you would like to be helped if it was you in that situation?  Do you have children who can help you think of what would be a nice thing to do with them and then help you do it?  Do they like plants?  Maybe invite them over to help you put together a couple terrariums (and then offer one for them to take home).  Do you see their shoes are wearing thin while you have 12 pairs in their size?  Clean up a few and mention you don’t need them anymore and ask if they would like any of your extra shoes.  Remember that simply time spent together can be the most valuable gift.

Why not start helping today?

Visit The Encourage Project:–6/x/10144293

Buy Candles or Wax Tarts

Read here and then contact me directly.



About me: As I daily battle disability, I remember others have their battles, too. I love to make things and enrich people’s lives with simple delights.  I’m learning to appreciate moments instead of envisioning grandiose things which end up robbing time.  I am grafted in to the Kingdom through Christ, a wife, a mother and stepmother to three girls, and a keeper of pets.  Artsy, sciency and foodie things interest me.

You can follow Rhiannon at:

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