Homemade Sprinkler

Sprinkler 7

On this lovely holiday weekend, we decided to have some fun with the kids playing in a sprinkler. However, we don’t own a sprinkler, and the ones we had in the past broke quickly or didn’t work right to begin with. I saw somewhere a post about making your own sprinkler with a pool noodle, so I set to work coming up with a way to turn a pool noodle into a sprinkler with stuff from around the house. Here’s what we came up with:


Pool noodle
Lid to laundry detergent bottle
Duct tape
Zip tie

Sprinkler 3


1. Cut the pool noodle to the length you would like the sprinkler to be.  We cut ours in half but have plans to make other full length ones as well.
2. Squish one end of the noodle into the lid from the laundry detergent bottle so it is all the way on and tight. This is the stopper end.

Sprinkler 4

3. Duct tape the lid on for extra hold power (ours didn’t really need the duct tape but since it is purple, it made it look pretty.)

sprinkler 5

4. Using the drill, drill holes in the noodle in any pattern you choose. Make sure to not add too many so there is enough water pressure.

sprinkler 6

5. Take your new sprinkler attachment and stick the hose into the open end.  Zip tie the noodle to the hose so it doesn’t fall off easily.

Sprinkler 1               Sprinkler 2


Depending on what laundry detergent you use, you may need to try different lids.  We tried the end of a Gatorade bottle first, and it was too big.  The lid to Dreft detergent was the best fit for us, but you can experiment to find what fits best for you.

We hung the sprinkler from our swing set.  It has provided hours of fun so far, even though it has only been up for a day. My favorite part was that everything we used to make this was stuff we had around the house, so it didn’t cost us a penny!



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