Stegosaurus Craft (Easy Enough for Toddlers!)

steg 1

Recently, my children got to watch the movie “Walking with the Dinosaurs,” Up until they watched this movie, they like dinosaurs, but afterwards, they became OBSESSED.  It was all they wanted to watch, play with, or talk about for about a week. So it came as no surprise that come craft time, when i asked what they wanted to make, they all screamed “DINOSAURS!!!” I set to work coming up with a somewhat easy craft that we could do with stuff I had around the house. They turned out great!  We have them hanging in our dinning room as our Dinosaur Parade.

steg 2

5 or 6 clothespins
Piece of cardboard
Green paint
1 Googly eye
Paint brush
Black marker
1. Cut a dinosaur shape out of the cardboard. This time, we did Stegosauruses, so the shape is similar to a turtle with a long tail.
2. Paint the cardboard green, then paint the clothespins green as well.
3. Once the Stegosaurus has dried, glue the googly eye onto the head part.  With the black marker, draw a little mouth underneath.
4. When the clothespins have dried, clip them on in a row along dinosaur’s back, These become the plates that the stegosaurus is well known for.
Of course, since I had 3 different kids doing these, i let them each pick a different color green so they could all be different. They were all able to do this entire craft themselves with a bit of direction and a little help clipping the clothespins onto its back. The kids all picked names for them.  They proceeded to tell me that I needed to hang them up so we had a parade of them. The kids have gotten many complements on how great the dinosaurs have turned out, and it is one of their favorite craft projects to show off to visitors. I hope you enjoy making this craft, Please share your pictures with us so we can see how yours turn out!

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