How to Make Money on the Things You Already Buy


Since money is so tight for so many families these days, I figured I would share one of the methods I use to make a little spare cash on the side. I save it up for money to use at Christmas time, in case of an emergency, or even spending money for a vacation.  Now, it doesn’t make me a ton of money, but some is better than none.

In the month of May, I made around $14.00, which is not that much. But if i make $13-15 each month, that is over $150 a year. This is when most people ask, “WHATS THE CATCH?”  Well, there isn’t one that I have found.

I use a shopping app on my phone called Ibotta. It has over 147 stores that you can earn rebates from and is ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE!! No hidden fees, no minimums, and no contracts, It is all up to you.

*DOWNLOAD THE APP: Learn more here: (
2015-06-07 20.49.33
*SELECT REBATES: Before you go shopping, go through the rebates listed for the store you are going to and unlock them. This is as simple as watching a short video clip, sharing on Facebook, learning a fact about the product, viewing a recipe using the product, or answering a trivia question. The rebates can be anywhere from 20 cents up to $10.I it just depends on the product.
2015-06-08_13.23.571                                   2015-06-07 20.45.24
*SHOP: Go shopping. I only buy things that i would normally buy. I don’t go shopping and change what I am buying based on what rebates are available.  That being said, Ibotta offers a lot of any brand rebates on the things that  I buy most, such as milk, bread, eggs, and bananas.
*REDEEM: Once you get home, pull up the app on your phone, select redeem, and it will have you scan the barcodes of each item that has a rebate.  I do this while I am putting stuff away.  After the items are all scanned, scan the QR code at the bottom of the receipt and submit.
2015-06-07 20.43.34                                2015-06-07 20.47.46
*It can take up to 48 hours for your rebates to be verified.  Then your money will be deposited into your Ibotta account.
*Once you reach $10, you can withdraw your money to Paypal or Venmo, or you can get gift cards with it to popular places like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks.
2015-06-07 20.40.23
Sounds easy right? Like i said, I make about $13-15 back each month doing this, but I know there are people who make far more than that. How much you make will all depend on your shopping habits. There are other ways to make more money with this app besides the rebates. Ibotta offers referral bonuses. For every friend you invite that joins using your referral code then redeems a rebate, you get a bonus. They also offer a teamwork bonus so that if you and your team earn a certain amount by the end of the month, they will give you an extra few dollars (note:I recently found out referral bonuses do not count towards monthly rewards). There are also brand or store specific bonuses offered that can boost your earnings. Now, remember, you can earn money doing all this, and it is COMPLETELY FREE.
If you would like to join my team for earning teamwork bonuses each month, you can use my referral code when signing up:

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