Words With Friends Pillow


Do you play Words With Friends?

My kids made s cute pillow for their great grandmother who plays it on her Kindle.  They used a low temp hot glue gun instead of a sewing machine so that they could make it 100 percent by themselves.


2 pieces yellow fabric

(I buy two 18″X21″ Single Precut. 100% Cotton pieces)

Wide white ribbon

Thin white ribbon

Pillow stuffing

Low temp glue gun


1. Decide what letter you are using and find out how many points that letter is worth in the game.  The girls used W for Winny, which is what they call their great grandmother.  A “W” is worth 4 points.

2. Cut the wide ribbon for the letter. You want it to take up a majority of the. Fabric square, so use the fabric to measure it out by laying the ribbon over it.  When cutting the ribbon, if you have letters such as W, N, M, etc, cut the points at angles where the ribbon joins.

3. Cut the small ribbon for the number, again using the fabric square for reference.  I left the letter on while I made the number the correct size.

4. Use the glue gun to glue the ribbon onto the fabric.

5. Tuck the fabric under both squares about 1″ all around.  Glue the two pieces together around 3 1/2 sides.

6. Stuff the pillow.  You don’t want it too full.

7. Tuck the last edges under like you did before. Glue and press together about 2″ at a time until finished.

8. Fluff the pillow until it is even.

My girls ages 9, 8, and 4 made this as a gift.  It did not take long, and I only supervised due to the scissors and glue gun.  You could even make several as decorative pillows on the couch, such as F, A, M, I, L, and Y or L, O, V, and E.



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