Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

FD 9
Need a last minute Father’s Day gift?  We’ve got you covered with these homemade gifts from the heart that your kids can help make!

Father’s Day is a fantastic holiday because it is a day to celebrate the fathers (and father figures) in our lives. I don’t know about you, but in our family, the Daddies are the hardest to get gifts for. BUT I found the a trick for it; MAKE them something! Have the kids make something.  Anything hand made by the loves of his life are sure to be treasured more than anything you could find for him at the store. Here are a couple gift ideas that we tried this year.

FD 1
(replace papa with dad or any other name)
Wooden letters spelling out the name (2 Ps and 2 As for the one we did)
A wooden sign shape
Wire (I used 12 gauge jewelry wire because that’s what i had on hand)
Paint brushes
A drill
1. Paint the letters. Since we had 4 kids working together to make this craft for Papa, they each got to paint their own letter. Each child picked 2 colors for their letter. The kids really enjoyed mixing the colors, and it gave the letters a very cool textured look.
2. Paint the sign part. I painted this part while the kids were painting their letters.They decided the top would say “We Love”.  You can choose what you would like to write for it.
3. Once all the paint is dry, drill a hole in the bottom part of the sign.
4. Cut a small piece of wire, and attach the first letter to the bottom of the sign where you drilled the hole, bending it into the shape you want as you go.
5. Continue attaching the letters in order, hanging them to the letter above, bending them into the place you want as you go.
6. Last, I wrote the children’s names on the back of each letter they painted, and it is ready to be gifted.
FD 3          FD 2
I came up with this idea while browsing the craft section at our local Walmart, trying to think of a hands-on gift idea for the kids to make for their Papa (Grandfather). It seemed super simple in my head. It was easy to do and came out SO nice. The kids were all super proud of their work and cant wait to give it to Papa on Father’s day.
Other ideas:
*Instead of painting the top sign with a saying, you could paint it with chalkboard paint so that the message can be changed.
*I used medium sized letters, and the sign came out to be about 2 feet long.  You could use smaller letters and add magnets to the back to be hung on a locker at work or the fridge.
*You could also drill 4 separate holes and hang the letters from each so that the sign is more horizontal instead of vertical.
FD 4
Star Wars Hand Print shirt
A plain T-Shirt
Iron-on printable paper (can substitute with a permanent marker or just paint)

1. First, print out your saying from the computer onto the iron-on paper, and iron them on. If you don’t have access to a printer or iron-on paper, you can just as easily write the words onto the shirt with a permanent marker or just paint them on by hand. For the Star Wars theme, a friend helped me come up with this saying: “Yoda best Dad, you’re so Han-some and just Ewok-ing Awesome”.
2.Since we played on Yoda, Han solo and Ewoks in the saying, I set to work trying to figure out a way to make each by using the kids’ handprints.
3. For Yoda, we painted Cadi’s hand green and did 2 hand prints facing opposite directions, slightly angled to make Yoda’s head.  Then she did a brown hand print pointing down from it to make his robe. I used a little black on a paint brush to make his face.
4. For the Ewoks, we painted Cori’s hand dark brown and had her do a hand print facing down with her fingers a bit open.  Then I painted just her palm light brown and put that print right over her dark brown palm print to create the hood. Again, I used black paint to do the face, and she used finger prints to do the ears.
5. Han Solo was the hardest to figure out.  In the end, I painted Charlie’s hand brown and white like Han’s vest.  Then I painted the same hand dark blue for his pants and his thumb black for the gun. He placed this hand a bit overlapped with the first one to makes his bottom half. I added the head on with a face and hair.
6. With the kids’ help, I painted on each of their names by their hand prints and laid it out to wait for the paint to dry.
FD 6          FD 5
This came out so much better than I expected, and the kids did a great job with their hand prints. They can’t wait to give Daddy his new shirt with their artwork on it!
FD 7
A plain T-shirt
Paint brushes
1. My brother has a thing for wearing cat shirts, all kinds of cat shirts, everyday.  So Izech decided he wanted to make his Daddy a cat shirt. I helped him come up with a saying for it, and he decided on “Daddy, you are so Pawsome”.
2. Iron on the words, write them on with a permanent marker, or paint them on in the spot that you choose.
3. For each cat, I painted Izech’s hand a different color, and he printed them with his fingers pointing down. For each cat, I also painted the bottom of his fist to make the head.  We did 2 cats, and the girls insisted he do more, so he chose to do a white and grey cat as well. I used a paint brush to add faces and ears to each cat.
4. Set it out to let the paint dry, then it is ready to be wrapped.
FD 8
A plain T-shirt
Paint brushes
1. Print out and iron on the words you chose (or write/paint them on).  For this shirt, we chose to do “Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the best Daddy for us three!”
2. Paint each child’s hand a different color, and print each one sideways on the shirt. The thumb will be the top fin, and the bottom of the palm becomes the face, while the fingers are the tail.
3. Using a paint brush, add in the face.
4. Using the kids’ finger prints, make bubble trails coming out of the fish mouths.
5. Paint on the kids’ names under each fish, and set the shirt out to dry.
We did this one last year, and it has become my husband’s favorite shirt.  It is also what got me started on the hand print gift ideas. Of course, you don’t need to use a T shirt.  You could use a long sleeved shirt, an apron for grilling, or even paper for a card for him. We are all so excited to give our loved ones these homemade gifts this year and hope you are too.  Just remember that he will be happy with whatever you get him, whether it be a handmade item or even a hug. We would love to see some of the stuff you have made for that special guy in your life.  Feel free to share your pictures with us in the comments!

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