Pumpkin Cheesecake

pc 2

Do you know what you will be serving for dessert tonight?  We do!!  If you have not tried this recipe yet, it really should go on your must try list!
Cheesecake is the number one favorite dessert in our house, hands down!  Pumpkin pie probably comes in second and is even requested in place of birthday cake at least once a year.  When I came across a recipe that combines the two, I knew my family would be in heaven – ALL YEAR ROUND.  You can find the recipe here:
This recipe was everything I expected and more.  It is requested for birthdays, holidays, and just because.  I even had to buy a second spring form pan to make two at a time!  I bake it for exactly 90 minutes for it to turn out perfectly. I even use the crust recipe when I make other cheesecakes.  I usually make it the night before, but if you whip it up by noon, it is ready in time for dessert!



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