Have you Ever Heard of Essential Oils?

Have you ever heard of essential oils?
Have you seen posts or articles about essential oils and wondered what they are?
Do you want to strive for a chemical free home?
Do you like healthy living?
Do you enjoy making DIY bath and body items?
Do you have or want to have a wellness routine?
Do you enjoy flavored water?
If you answered yes to any of these, then please join me for a FREE online Essential Oils 101 class to learn more.  There are no obligations.  The class will be left up for one week in case you cannot make the live postings.  It will take place on Facebook.  You can find the event HERE:
We personally use essential oils in our home.  It is much more than oils, so be sure to tune in to the class, because I will post a link for a 102 class before I close it.  The 102 class will cover the other products from the same company.  We currently use the toothpaste, but we also have a list of other items we want.  Our family goal is to have the house chemical free by next summer!  We are all so excited about that!

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