4th of July Crafts

July 13
This year, the 4th of July seemed to sneak up on me.  I realized 9 days before the holiday that I had not started doing any of the crafts and activities I had originally planned.  So I decided that I would come up with a few easy craft ideas for the kids. We hope you enjoy creating them just as much as we did.

July 9 (1)
Firework Prints

Bendy straws
Small rubber bands (or tape)

July 4

1. Take 6 or 7 bendy straws in your hand.  Using the rubber bands, tie them together in a bunch with the bendy part at the top. Once they are tied together, bend down each top of the straw to form a firework burst shape. This will be what you use to make the prints.
July 5
2. Dip the top part of the “straw bunch” into paint, making sure to get some on each of the straws,
3. Stamp the straws onto your paper.  Rotate the straw bunch a little bit and stamp again.  This will create the firework bursts.
July 6July 7
4. Repeat the step above with different colors all over your page to create a beautiful fireworks display.
July 9July 8
5. Just let it dry, then you can hang it up for a cool 4th of July decoration.
                                                                        July 10
This turned out so awesome.  I connected all 4 of our paintings into 1 big fireworks banner and hung it right in our dinning room. The kids had a blast making the prints, and I LOVE how each came out a little different from each child letting their style shine through in each print. I had them each choose three colors for their fireworks as we are currently working on not mixing all the paint together to make a big brown pile. They each picked completely different color combinations that also seem to fit their personality well. Izech’s go-to color always seem to be “fire” colors (reds, yellows, and oranges).  Cori loves her purples and cooler colors.  Cadi loves her pinks, yellows, and BRIGHT colors.
July 12

Hand Print Flags

Old white shirt (or white material)
Red, white, and blue paint
Paint brush
Wooden stick (we used cooking skewers)

1. Paint the palm and bottom of thumb of one hand blue.  Paint red and white horizontal stripes onto the fingers.  Place this hand straight on the shirt.

July 1                    July 2
2. Wash the paint off.
3. Paint the hand with red and white stripes that line up with the red and white stripes of the first print.  Place that hand on the shirt, continuing the first stripes with finger pointed out.
July 3 (1)
4. Wash the paint off and repeat the step above for the top part of the flag, next to the blue.
5. Using the paint brush, paint white stars (or dots depending on the size) on the blue part.
6. Let the Paint dry.
7. Cut out the flag.
8. Using glue, attach the flag to the stick for your own small flag made by your child’d hands!

Recently we have been doing a lot of hand print art, from Star Wars characters to animals and everywhere in between.  Turning their hand prints into art has become one of my kids’ favorite activities. Even Charlie loves doing this, although it took a few times for him to get over how slimy having paint on his hands feels.  He even tries to cover his hand in maker to make prints now on his own.  Luckily, all the markers are washable, and he is trying to be creative. These flags are about the same size as the mini flags you get around this time of year.  However, ours seem to be a bit more durable and, of course, much more personalized.

July 11

Fireworks Shirts

Glow in the dark paint
Paint brush

1. Choose where you want to Start in the middle of with one color and work your way to the outside with that color.
2. Choose the next color, filling the firework with more lines again starting in the middle and working your way out.
3. Repeat the step above with however many colors you want in each fire work, making the burst in the middle more filled in and spreading the further out you go.
4. Add glitter paint on after the glow paint dries to give your firework a final sparkle and pop.

This craft is very much up to you in how you design it.  You can get very creative in how you paint on your fireworks, what colors you choose, and anything else you may want to add.  I used glow paint and regular paint to get the color effects that i wanted, but I made sure I used at least 1 glow color in each firework.  The results are awesome in the dark! Originally, I was going to paint HAPPY 4TH OF JULY on the shirts but decided against it so the shirts can be worn for more than just the holiday. The most important tip I have for this craft is HAVE FUN!


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