Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is our second favorite night of the week!

(Our first favorite is Family Game Night.  You can Vvew that Here:
The most difficult part is finding a movie that is not only appropriate and engaging for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers to adults, but also that is interesting to both genders.  Let’s face it, teenage boys do NOT want to watch Barbie movies…  Here is a list of our favorite family movies.
Nanny McPhee
The shenanigans that the children get into to try to chase the nanny away is humorous for everyone.  The movie has a great moral about respect and manners.  Many people are unaware that there is a sequel, Nanny McPhee Returns, which is also a very cute movie.
Mr. Popper’s Penguins
This movie is hilarious for all ages.  If you are a Jim Carrey fan, then this is a must-see.  Carrey plays Mr. Popper, who inherits a penguin when his father passes away. He lives in an apartment in the city and tries to return the penguin only to receive MORE penguins.  This movie is a bit difficult to explain, so I guess you will just have to watch it and see for yourself why it makes us laugh out loud!
The Lion King
This classic is a favorite in our house!  Most would consider this a children’s movie, but our teenagers crack up at the banter between Timon and Pumbaa.  The hyenas are also quite amusing.
Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie
The younger children LOVE the sing-along part of the movie, and the older children enjoy the humor.  It is the classic story of Jonah told in a fun way.
What little kid doesn’t love talking zoo animals on an adventure!? The older kids will enjoy the banter between the animals and the wit of the penguins.  Hey, the penguins have their own movie and show for a reason!
The Smurfs is a perfect combinations for animation (for little kids) and real life (for older kids).  It is also a great throwback for the parents, who enjoyed watching Smurfs growing up.  I am partial to the first movie, but Smurfs 2 is a good one to throw in if you are looking for more than one movie to watch!
Bee Movie
My younger kids could watch this movie over and over again.  You have to be a bit older to get all the references in the movie, which are quite hilarious (such as the pilot joke about John Travolta).  If you are a Jerry Seinfeld fan, this is a must-see.  I am not really a fan of his, but I still found it to be hilarious.
Spy Kids
This is great for all ages because it provides a bit of suspense for the younger children, who think they get to watch a big kids movie, and a bit of action for the older children.  There are four movies, I believe.  Our favorites are Spy Kids and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.
If any of your children like sports at all, this movie should be in your collection.  Sandlot teaches about sportsmanship, friendship, and not judging a book by its cover.  Younger kids can learn lessons, and older kids can enjoy this in completely different ways.  Even as an adult, I really enjoy this movie.
Soul Surfer
I was very surprised to find that this is a family favorite considering that the base of the story is about a girl who loses her arm when she is bit by a shark.  The shark bite scene is not graphic.  My children LOVE this story.  It teaches many lessons, and they root for Bethany every time, even thought they already know the outcome.
Ice Age
I am not sure who likes this movie more, the adults or the children.  I also am not sure how many of these movies are out now.  My kids’ favorites are Ice Age and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  There is a lot of comedy in these movies, and a lot of famous voices.
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
This is the first of three movies released so far in the series and the only one that my children truly enjoy.  It is quite long, but it holds the interest of even my four year old daughter while having enough action for my teenage boys.  It has fantasy, action, adventure, and lessons to be learned.
I am SURE I am forgetting movies for this list.  We will just call it “Mommy Brain.”
The movie(s) we watch on movie night (usually one night a week due to busy schedules) are chosen by a vote if we cannot all agree.  Snacks are also chosen by a vote, or I pick about three snacks and put them into bowls to pass around.
What are YOUR favorite “fun for all ages” family movies?

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