Beyond Basics: Childproofing for the Curious Toddler

cp 8

We, as parents, have probably all childproofed our homes with outlet plug covers, safety latches, and the other usual items.  Sometimes those just aren’t enough when you have a curious toddler.  Check out these ideas for more childproofing.

childproof 9                        childproof 10

My children have always been very good at opening drawers that they are not supposed to and aren’t always the best listeners.  Our movie drawer is one of those places.  They took out EVERY DVD case, opened them, and scattered the DVDs EVERYWHERE.  With four kids under four, they can make a mess about as quickly as you can blink.  After this fiasco, we invested in these nifty clips that fasten the drawers shut. They have been life savers in preventing our little ones from getting into more trouble then they already do. I found them on Amazon.  They were fairly cheap and have lasted 3 years so far. They are my favorite childproofing item we have tried.

cp 2

Our twins learned at a very early age how to open doors, even before they learned how to do stairs well. This led to them opening the basement door.  Luckily, I was close by and was able to catch them before they tumbled down the stairs.  We went in search of something to keep the door closed that they couldn’t figure out.  We found these wonderful little hook and eye sets that have a spring on them, so you can’t just pop the hook out. We installed it fairly high up the door. They have still been able to reach it by pushing chairs over to climb on, but since the spring part holds the hook in place, they have yet to be able to open it.  We also have one of these installed on our screen door since the kids are easily able to pop open the handle latch.

cp 1

Pool noodles cut down to size are perfect for covering dangerous corners or edges that could result in serious injury if a child (or adult for that matter) was to fall on, bump, or run into it.  Just cut the noodle to the size you want, slice it up the side to fit over the dangerous spot, and use duct tape or packing tape to hold it in place.  This will also work for covering the edges of a crib if your toddler starts to chew on the wood.

cp 3 (This is in our basement, so they don’t get hurt when helping with laundry.)

I have a 19 month old son who is obsessed with cords.  We cannot just unplug everything when we are not using it, such as a ceiling fan that we installed in the girls’ room.  We went to several store looking for something that would help with this problem.  At Toys R Us, they sell outlet covers that go over the plugs and cords as well. He cannot get this out, and it is perfect for things that are plugged in all the time, such as lamps.

cp 5

Another solution to the plugs was to remove what we can from his sight.  We drilled screws into the inner side of the computer desk and hung the power strip from them.  He doesn’t know it is there.  The strip is covered by legs if someone is sitting at the desk and by the chair when it is vacant.

cp 4

We also run cords along the ceiling when possible to remove any hazards they may cause such as entanglement and choking.

cp 7

My kids are clumsy like their mother.  To keep doors open (my son tends to shut himself into rooms because he likes to close doors), many people use wooden wedges.  These are hazards for tripping and stubbing toes for little ones and adults alike in our house.  Our solution for this is to use a fun toy as the door stopper that is heavy enough and large enough to do the trick and be a distraction but not cause injuries.  By the time my son realizes he can now close the door, I am already about to replace the toy, and he forgets.

cp 6

What extra childproofing do YOU do for YOUR curious and adventurous children?


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