Toddler Craft and Snack

TC 10

Finding projects to do with toddlers is not always easy, especially with 1 and 2 year olds.  This is one that I do with my kiddos starting about age 1.  It it GREAT for hand-eye coordination and doubles as a snack!  Whip this up before going to the store, and it will occupy your little ones for a bit so you can focus on your shopping with a little less shouting.


TC 2

28″ of yarn (you want it to be long enough to fit over the child’s head once the cereal is on.  This is the size I used for my 4 year old)
Fruity Cheerios or other cereal
1. Place the cereal into a bowl.
2. Place tape onto each end of the yarn (like the end of a shoe string has the hard part on it).  This makes it easier for the child to put the cereal on the yarn.
3. Hold one end while your child strings the cereal onto the other end.  My daughter wanted me to put cereal on one end while she did the other.  This way, we did the project together.
TC 1
4. Tie the necklace.  I tie it in a knot then tie it twice more.
Toddler Craft and Snack
TC 9
Pipe cleaner
Fruity Cheerios or other cereal
1. Place the cereal into a bowl.
2. Bend one end of the pipe cleaner up so the cereal does not fall off.
3. Guide your child to put the cereal onto the pipe cleaner.
TC 4     TC 6
4.  Leave about 1″ on the end of each side.  Twist the ends together by overlapping when you are finished, then move the cereal over those ends.
TC 7     TC 8

*My kids like all different kinds of Cheerios for this.  Anything that has a hole in the center will work.

*This is also great for older kids who have trouble with hand/eye coordination or dexterity.  I use it for my 8 year old who has ADHD and developmental delays to help with her dexterity.  She loves that it doubles as a treat!

*My son eats a lot more cereal than he puts on the pipe cleaner.  He is 19 months old.  But I still love that there is at least one project that we can do together!
TC 5

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