DIY Car Shelf

car shelf 1

We get many compliments on our one-of-a-kind car shelf!  Our boys love being able to find their favorite cars quickly, and it makes for a super easy clean-up.  I thought I would share the directions for how YOU can make it, too!
2 sheets 3/8″ drywall (4’x8′)
Box of 2″ drywall screws
Cordless Drill
Level or Piece or 2×4
Box Knife
*When cutting drywall, use a level (or 2×4) and a pencil to make the lines where you need them.  Cut the lines with a box knife.  Flip the drywall over and score the backside to cut it apart.
1. Using a box knife, cut 1 foot off of the first sheet of drywall so that it is now 3′ by 8′ with a leftover piece of 1′ by 8′.  The 3′ by 8′ is now your base for the car garage.  Set it aside until it is time to build the whole unit.
2. Take your 1′ by 8′ piece and cut it into 2″ by 3′ strips with the box knife using a level or 2×4 to make them straight and even.  This should make 12 shelves.  You will have 2′ by 1′ leftover.  You will not use this.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second sheet of drywall.  You will now have 24 shelves.  Our shelf unit has 43 shelves.
4. With the 3′ by 8′ sheet of drywall, cut the remaining 19 shelves.
5. You are now ready to build the shelving unit.  Lay the 3′ side of the base that you set aside in step 1 against something such as a  table.  Make sure the finished side is facing out.  This gives you space to screw the shelves to the base.  You will want to put it together in the same room and near where you are placing the shelving unit, because it will be heavy once you are done building it.
6. Starting at the bottom, make the first shelf level with the bottom of the drywall.  Be sure the finished side is facing up.  Screw it into the drywall at n angle from behind in about 6 places, including near the edges (but not sticking out).
7.  Each shelf will be 1 1/2″ apart.  This is where a 2×4 comes in really handy.  You can use the side of a 2×4 to not only measure the space between shelves but also to make the shelves level if you cut it to 3′ instead of 4′.  Continue making the shelves as you did in step 6 until you have used all of the strips.
8. Very carefully pick up the shelving unit.  Pivot it until it is facing out from the wall.  When you are about three feet from the wall, place the top against the ceiling first, then immediately push the bottom against the wall.  Immediately put 2 screws into the middle of the shelving unit, about 1′ from each side.  That will secure it to the wall while you finish.
9.  Coming in 1′ from each side, put screws in starting near the ceiling, and secure every 1′ down until you reach the bottom.  We used a recess in our wall and did not need screws for it.
10. Add cars.
Bonus: Hang helicopters, airplanes, blimps, and spaceships from the ceiling using thumbtacks and fishing line.
Using 1 sheet of drywall instead of 2, cut the 4′ by 8′ drywall sheet in half.  Use one half as the base and the other half to cut 24 shelves.  You will have 1 shelf leftover.  Follow the same directions as above.  Hang on a wall where desired.
DIY Drywall Car Shelf

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