Egg Carton Hanging Flowers

Egg Carton Hanging Flowers

I asked the kids what kind of craft they wanted to do, and they decided they wanted to do a flowery craft (they had just picked bunches of flowers to give to Grammie).  I had an idea that I had been waiting to try out, and I was really excited that they picked flowers as their theme!

Cardboard egg carton (or 2 depending on how many flowers you want)
Metal coat hanger

1. Cut out each each egg holder spot to make them all seprate, then cut the edges so you have 4 points. This will be your flower, with each point being a petal. Cut as many out as you want. We did 20 of them for ours.
2. Paint each flower inside and outside, using whatever colors you choose.  We wanted to do lots of different colors, and each flower came out different from the others.

Egg 2          Egg 3
3. Once they are all painted, let them dry.  While the paint is drying, think of how you want to organize them to hang.  We decided to do 5 on each end, 3 next to the 5, and 4 in the middle.
4. Take the metal coat hanger and bend the top so that it is one straight line with a small hoop at the top.  Bend the arms of it so they are straight in one line as well.
5. Using the ribbon, wrap the coat hanger so there is no metal showing.  When you reach the ends of the hanger, glue the ribbon in place so it doesn’t come unraveled.
6. Cut 5 peices of ribbon to the size you want for hanging the flowers, and tie each to the coat hanger.
7. Using the scissors, make a small hole in each of the flowers.  String them onto the ribbon, tying a knot under each one as you go.  This will keep them in place. TIP: This step is much easier if you hang the rod up so you can work your way down without it moving on you.
8. Hang it up in the place of your choice and enjoy!

egg 1          Egg 4

There are so many different things you can use egg cartons for, but this craft has been by far my favorite.  I love how it turned out and how great it looks hanging in the window.  The kids had a great time making it and have gotten many compliments on it.


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