Italian Crescent Ring

Italian Crescent Ring

This summer, the 3 year olds of the house got to go to the library’s summer reading program every Tuesday night from 6-7 pm. The Daddies of our house were the ones to take the kids since the theme this year was super heroes.  This left Charlie and me at home during dinner time. Since our dinner is normally 6:00 pm everyday, our routine had to change for those days. I couldn’t send them without eating but didn’t have time between their nap and leaving to feed them a decent meal. We decided on a snack before library and a larger meal-type snack after.  I looked around for a few recipes to try that I could use as a hearty after library snack that was also quick enough to make while hanging out with Charlie.  We all know it is difficult to accomplish a lot with a curious and adventurous toddler!

I found this gem of a recipe:

Since I was feeding it to the kids, I skipped the spicy ingredients this time.  I used ham, pepperoni, salami and cheese. It came out so good!  I also love how customizable it is.  I plan on doing it with a couple different kinds of meats in the future. I was amazed out how yummy it was for only taking 20 minutes to put together and bake.  It was just what I was looking for.

ICR          ICR 2

Let us know what combinations YOU try!


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