DIY Hair Clips

DIY Hair clips

My girls absolutely love to sit down with me and make hair clips.  They are quick to make and fairly easy.  I love watching them use their imaginations to create beautiful bows of their own and also for each other.  Now you, too, can make your own bows for much cheaper than you see at the store (see the tips at the bottom).
6″ Ribbon (You can use 2 types if you wish)
2″ Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun or E6000
1. Lay your 6″ piece of ribbon out flat, with the pattern side down if you are using one.  Lay both down on top of each other if you are using more than one.
HC 1
2. Fold the ribbon back on one side until it reaches the middle.  Glue it there.
HC 2
3.  Do the same with the other side.
HC 3
4. Pinch your fingers together and glue it.  If you used a second piece of ribbon on top, also make sure the two layers are glued together in the middle of the front.
HC 4
5. Lay the bow facing down on the 2″ piece of ribbon.
6. Fold the ribbon over and glue one side down to the back of the bow.
HC 5
7. Pull the other end over top and glue it down to the back of the bow.  You do not want it too tight or too loose.
HC 6
8.  Slide a clip or bobby pin in.  Glue it in place.
HC 7          HC 8
That’s it!
HC 10          HC 9
Here are some others my girls have made:
HC 12 HC 14
*Do two bows instead of one for a different look.
HC 11 (1)
*Cut cardboard from cereal boxes and other things that look nice to put your hair clips on.  This is great for gifting them!
HC 15 HC 16
*Dollar stores sell very nice ribbon!
*JoAnn Fabrics often has very nice ribbon in their clearance bins.
*I buy ribbon using the above two methods and have gained a bin of them because I only buy them here and there and don’t pay much for them.
*Clips of different kinds, bobby pins, and hair ties can also be bought at dollar stores.  My favorite is Dollar Tree.  I can make a ton of these for only a few dollars!
*You can get holiday ribbon on clearance for 50-75% off after holidays to make hair clips for next year.

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