teething tips

Do you have a teething baby? Check out these medication free tips and ideas!

Anyone who has ever had to spend any amount of time with a teething baby or toddler will tell you it can be a miserable time. From dealing with the baby screaming in pain from growing teeth that are pushing through solid gums to drool and snot pouring out and soaking clothes. It is a rough time not only for the baby but also for the parents having to watch their little love go through it. All I can say is I am very glad I don’t have to grow and pop through teeth as an adult. It is bad enough just going to the dentist. Here are some great tips and tricks to get your little one through the teething battle a little more comfortably.


This can be anything from popsicles to wet wash cloths put in the freezer.

teething tips 12

A Frozen banana makes a great snack for babies who are already eating on their own.

Frozen teether toys work great. If you’re in a pinch, even a large ice cube will work.

teething tips 8            teething tips 9

The cold numbs the gums while allowing them to chew and gnaw as much as they want. This option, although a bit messy, works great.


There are all sorts of little toys for babies to chew on. The pressure of chewing can relieve some of the pain from teething.

teething tips 6           teething tips 7

teething tips 3

teething tips 4           teething tips 5

There are even teether necklaces and bracelets made specifically for chewing and gnawing. They look cute, too! I recommend the ones for MOM to wear. Here is are some examples:


There are snacks on the market specifically made for children who are teething and in the first stages of eating.

teething tips 1

Cold baby foods can help. You can feed the baby applesauce from the fridge at lunch time instead of room temperature.

teething tips 11 (1)

These mesh snackers for cold fruit or ice are great for little ones who are teething but not quite on solid foods.

teething tips 2(My son lost his, so I snapped a shot of a new one)


Brushing the teeth is very important not only for cavities but also to help the teeth grow through. We start brushing at the first sign of teeth. We have a few toothbrushes for a little one. One is for brushing teeth. One is for him to brush his own teeth (just a dry toothbrush), which helps when they hurt, and the others are for back up in case his own gets dirty. This also helps start the child on a path of good dental hygiene.

teething tips 10          Teething tips 13


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