How to Color Your Child’s Hair Using Kool Aid

Koolaid Hair Coloring

Check out this cool way to temporarily color your child’s hair without using dangerous chemical dyes!

This summer, we have Andrew’s younger sister, Amanda (15 years old), staying with us.  She had purple hair when she got here.  When it started to fade, she decided to dye it ombre blue.  The night she dyed it, all the kids started asking to have their hair dyed as well.  After a brief discussion with Andrew, we decided to let them choose a color and we would color their hair.  We didn’t want to use any permanent dyes or strong chemicals, so I did some research to find cheap, easy ways to color hair that would last about a week or more.  Kool Aid seemed to be the best option since it’s only around 25 cents per packet.

There were a few methods to choose from, but since we were working with 3 year olds, I chose the dip and blow dry method.  I mentioned that we were dying the kids hair to Karen, and she told me her kids have been wanting to do their hair with koolaid for a while now.  We invited them over to join us in our Kool Aid hair adventure.

Each child picked a color, and I got enough packets for everyone. Since there were 7 different people getting their hair done, we were able to experiment to see what worked best.

The Colors We Tried:
Cadi – Pink
Cori – Purple
Izech – Green
Faith – Green
Alex – Purple
Laurel – Red
Karen – Red

What you Need:
Blow dryer
Kool Aid packets
Hot water
Smock shirt
Small cup

1. Put a smock on the child and cover his/her back with a towel.  This is to catch all the drips.  Kool Aid does stain clothes.
2. Mix 2 packets of color choice of Kool Aid with about 3/4 cup hot water.  Stir until completely dissolved.

koolaid hair coloring 1     koolaid hair coloring 2

3. Dip tips of brushed hair into the Kool Aid. Depending on how much hair you want to color, dip the length you want into the cup and let it sit in the Kool Aid for 2-3 min. Continue to dip until you have done all the hair you want colored has sat in the Kool Aid mixture.

koolaid hair coloring 3

4. Blow dry hair with the Kool Aid still in it until it is all dry.

koolaid hair coloring 5

5. Do not wash hair for at least 24 hours.

koolaid hair coloring 6

* We found it works best on light hair.
* Purple did not show up at all.
* Red showed up best and lasted the longest.
* It came out very subtle in hair that wasn’t blonde but was still visible
* Izech has very short hair, so we could not dip his.  We tried making a paste by mixing aloe lotion with Kool Aid and letting it sit in his hair for 5 hours.  We rinsed it out, and the color did not stay at all, but his hair was super soft.

koolaid hair coloring 4

* 2 weeks later, some color was still visible in hair that was done with the red Kool Aid.


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