Alphabet Banner

alphabet banner 1

This summer we are focusing on the alphabet with or children. We sing, we play games and watch letter shows. So it comes as no surprise that we decided to do a letter craft.

26 paper plates
Markers or crayons
Hole punch

We broke up this craft over 6 days, each day we did 4 letters (1 for me and 1 for each of the children)
1. Draw your letter in marker big in the middle of the plate. Color your letter nice and bold and surround it with drawings of stuff that start with that letter.
For example the letter “p” we colored Pink with purple polka dots. “I”  we drew ice cream, inchworms, arrows pointing in. You get the idea…
2. Once we go all the letters done we cut Ribbons into 5 inch peices (about 26 peices).
3. Using the hole punch put 2 holes in each plate, one on either side of the letter by the edge. (I did not have a hole punch available so I improvised and used a drill to drill holes through all the plates)
4. Using the 5 inch peices of ribbon tie the plates together in order to make a long alphabet banner. Also tie a loop to the beginning and end for hanging. TIP you may need extra ribbon to help hold up the middle parts of the banner depending on how you hang it up.

We have ours hanging up in the playroom. We sing and point to the letters as we go. The kids also love playing a game that we came up with, take a pool noodle and ask the child to find a letter, they use the noodle to point to the letter, if they can’t find it we give them hints of what starts with that letter and what it sounds like to help them along.

alphabet banner 2


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