Return from Hiatus


Where have we been!?

Karen and Sarah have been MIA lately here on Sunbeams and Heartstrings.  Sometimes life catches up to you and you have to take a breather from one thing or another.  We took a little hiatus from the blog in order to catch up with life.  So what have we been up to?
All the kids 18 and younger are now in school except our almost two year olds (we have sons who are only 15 days apart).  School is going well for everyone except common core math.  Is there anyone out there who DOES understand it?  The explanation Karen got from the teachers was this: “When your parents were in school, they took the highway.  We are taking the scenic route.”  Well, I need to do the highway route in my head in REAL LIFE!  But enough about that or I could ramble on for hours about how none of it makes sense and I can’t help my kids with their math homework.
Five of Karen’s kids had birthdays in September, so it was a very busy month for them.   We spread out when we celebrate them (one early with an August birthday), one at the beginning of September, two in the middle, and one at the end.  What kid complains about celebrating a birthday early!? Do any of you have kids with birthdays close together?  What other tips do you have to share with parents who may face the same issues?
Sarah and her husband were recently in a car accident.  They are fine and recuperating from soreness.
So, that is the short version of our disappearance.  We will continue with our regularly scheduled blog posts tomorrow with a craft!

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