How to Create a Pumpkin Masterpiece

How to Create a Pumpkin Masterpiece
My very favorite thing about October is carving pumpkins!  To be honest, the kids don’t really even carve our pumpkins.  They clean them out and pick designs, but I create the masterpieces.  That is OUR family tradition.
I get a lot of compliments on my pumpkins.  So I will share with you how I get them to precise!
Kitchen Knife
Pocket Knife
Nail File
Pumpkin Design
Thumb Tack
1.If you are working inside, lay down a double layer of newspaper.  This will make for easy clean up!
2. Use a large kitchen knife to cut the top off.  This allows the process to be quick and smooth.
3. Have large bowls ready for the pumpkin “guts.”  When you are finished cleaning the pumpkins out, you can dump the bowls out or set them aside for picking out the pumpkin seeds.
4. Use a spoon to scrape the inside clean.  Decide which side you will be cutting pieces out of and scrape that side to be about 1/2″ to 1″ thick (less than 1/2″ makes it too flimsy and more than 1″ makes it very difficult for smaller details).
5. If you are using a printed design, tape it on with packing tape.  Scotch tape doesn’t stick very well, and duct tape leaves a sticky residue.
6. Once your design is on, use a thumbtack to poke holes along the black lines of the design.  Keep the holes close together.  This will be your guide in case the paper does happen to come off.
7. Use a pocket knife to cut along the dotted lines.  Cut the smallest details first, working your way up to the largest pieces.
8. As you cut pieces out, use a nail file to smooth out the hollowed areas.
9. Place the cut pieces into the pumpkin as you go.  This way, when you are finished, you can just dump the pumpkin over the garbage.
10. Roll up your newspaper and throw them away – see, easy clean up! Now all that is left to do is wash the items you used and light your pumpkin.
Now, display your masterpiece!
How to Create a Pumpkin Masterpiece 2

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