Spider Web Craft

Spider web 1

Check out this spider craft easy enough for toddlers!

In the spirit of Halloween, we have been doing lots of nifty seasonal crafts. Much to my husband’s chagrin, we decided to do a spider craft. It came out pretty cute, so he was okay with it (LOL).  This craft was super easy, and my 3 year olds were able to do most of it on their own.

Paper plate
2.5 feet of ribbon or string
2 pieces of tape
Googly eyes
Black pipe cleaners
Milk jug lid

1. Cut small notches all the way around the plate, about 1″ apart.
2. Paint the plate any color of your choosing.  We went with reds and oranges for Halloween.
3. While the plate dries, paint your milk jug lid black and set it aside to dry.
4. When the plate is dry,use a piece of tape to attach one end of the string to the back of the plate. String it through the notches of the plate to create the spider web (using whatever pattern you choose).
5. Make sure the end of the string ends at the back of the plate.  Tape this end in place, too.
6. Cut the black pipe cleaners to the size you want for the legs.  I was running out of them, so our spiders only have 6 legs (1 pipe cleaner each cut into thirds).
7. Twist the pipe cleaners together so they are all attached.  Glue them to the bottom of the milk lid.  Once the glue dries you can bend them so they look more like legs.
8. Glue the googly eyes on top of the milk lid.
9. Decided where you want your spider to sit on its web.  Using the legs, bend the tips around the ribbon to hold him in place.

I used some left over ribbon scraps I had laying around to hang these up on the wall. The kids loved that they were able to do so much on their own.  They also loved how cute and unique each spider web came out.

spider web 2


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