3 Cute and Easy Halloween Treats

3 Cute and Easy Halloween Treats
Looking for fun Halloween food?  Try these crowd pleasers!
String Cheese Fingers
The first time I saw these, I thought – no way! That is too much detail! But I decided to give them a try anyway because they look really cool, and I knew my kids would love them!  It was MUCH easier than I expected, and the kids were very excited to try them!
You can find the recipe here:


Jack-O-Lantern Oranges
These look time consuming, but they go very quickly! The oranges are tiny, so they take very little time to carve!  The kids will think you spent HOURS doing these. You can make all the faces the same or spice it up and do them all differently!
I used fruit instead of jello.  I also cut a hole in the top and put the top of the spoon through it to make a stem.  This way, each one had a spoon with it for the fruit.
I seem to have deleted the picture for this one – oops!  They were super cute, too!  😦  For this one, I followed the directions very loosely!  You can use any cupcake batter you want .  I made coffee cupcakes by flavoring homemade chocolate cupcakes with coffee extract.  If you have icing tips for this, great.  I had a wide one to use, but you can also do this with a wide, skinny cut in a ziploc bag.  I made hazlenut frosting.  The best part is that you do not have to make them perfect.  The strokes are quick and uneven, which is what makes them look so great!  I took these into work when I worked in a restaurant, and they did not last very long at all!
So, you may be thinking that these don’t LOOK that easy.  The title definitely is not misleading.  These really are much easier than they look!

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