Handprint Spiders & Footprint Ghosts

halloween crafts 1

It’s Halloween! Do your kids still want to do a Halloween craft?  Here are two easy ones you can even save for next year.

halloween crafts 12
Handprint Spiders
I actually got this idea from an episode of Barney that my son really likes.  I added a little bit of my own creative spice to it.
Black construction paper
White construction paper
pink construction paper
yellow construction paper
Black marker
Glue (we used a glue stick)
1. Take your piece of black construction paper and fold it in half.
2. Trace a hand, starting with the palm at the fold, leaving part of the palm off the page, otherwise the body looks a little too wide.
halloween crafts 2
3. Cut out the hand, but cut off the thumb so that you have four fingers (these are the four legs on each side of the spider).
Halloween crafts 3     halloween crafts 4
4. Open up the hand and glue it onto the yellow piece of construction paper.
halloween crafts 5
5. Cut out two small white circles from the white construction paper.  Glue those on the bottom of the spider.
6. Cut out two small black circles from your leftover black construction paper.  These circles need to be smaller than the white circles.  Glue them inside the white circles.
7. Cut out a mouth from the pink construction paper and glue it upside down above the eyes of the spider.
8. Draw a black line from the center of the spider body to the top of the page.  This is the string from the web.  Add a small web extending out from it.
halloween crafts 6
My kids really enjoyed this.  You can make a bat if you don’t separate the fingers and leave the thumb on!
halloween crafts 13
Footprint Ghost
I got this idea from the same episode of Barney, except they used paint.  I decided to give it a try using construction paper to go along with our spiders.  The kids were VERY excited about the way these ghosts turned out!
White construction paper
Orange construction paper
Black marker
Glue (we used a glue stick)
1. Trace your child’s foot on the piece of white construction paper.  Cut it out.
halloween crafts 7
2. Put glue all over the pencil side.  Since it is white, and pencil marks would show up, so I made sure those went underneath.  Glue the footprint onto the orange construction paper.
halloween crafts 10     halloween crafts 8
3. Draw on two ovals for eyes and on for the mouth.
halloween crafts 11     halloween crafts 9
That’s it! SUPER easy! Even my almost two year old loved having his foot traced.  This was so quick and easy that it kept his attention long enough to do it

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