Baked Italian Chicken, Potatoes, & Green Beans

one pan Italian chicken dish 2

I discovered this super easy dish that I decided to save for a night when I don’t have much time to prep dinner.
Sometimes, life gets really busy, especially when you have kids in sports and activities.  I like to keep several ideas in mind for easy dinners that can be thrown together or made ahead then popped into the oven when we get home.  This recipe is very easy, involves only 4 ingredients, and tastes delicious.
At first, I was wondering if this would all taste the same, so would it be worth it?  BUT I marinade the meat and vegetables in Italian dressing when I make kebabs, and those taste AMAZING.  So I decided to give it a try when I wasn’t feeling too well.  My kids have a tendency to ask “Is this all we are having?” If I make less than a four course meal.  They were very happy about this one, and there were NO leftovers.
The chicken is moist, especially if using boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  I cut the potatoes small because the smaller they are cut, the more tender they turn out to be. You can actually use several different kinds of potatoes for this, so the dish is very flexible with whatever you have on hand.  I prefer baby red potatoes. The green beans can be fresh, canned, or frozen.  You can also replace them with another vegetable, such as carrots or corn.
This is definitely on our “redo” list (as my kids call it).
one pan italian chicken dish

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