How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

tpf 1


My daughter has been making these for a couple years now (she is 11) without my help. She enjoys making bouquets to give to people as gifts “just because.”  They are great for making for a grandmother or teacher.



Cut the tissue paper lengthwise into thirds.



Fold each third into half widthwise.



Take 6 ply of tissue and fold them up like a fan.  Use clothespins to secure.


Cut small triangular shapes from the center of the fan.


Put a pipe cleaner over the middle to hold it together, securing the pipe cleaner to itself.



Remove the clothes pins.


Carefully separate the tissue layers all around.


The edges of the flowers can be round or peaked for different looks. You can layer colors for a different look as well. Use your imagination to make beautiful tissue paper bouquets.

I would love to see your beautiful tissue paper flower creations.


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