How to Build an Oil Shelf

pallet title
I’m super excited about sharing my oil shelf with you! I receive a lot of compliments on it, whether it’s people over to visit or people seeing a picture. The best part is that I used a pallet we picked up for free!
1 pallet
Box of 1 5/8″ drywall screws
Cordless Drill
Sawzall or pry b
Level or Piece of 2×4
pallet 1pallet 2pallet 3
  1. Take the pallet apart to get all strips. A sawzall works great for this.
  2. Remove nails from pallet.
  3. Line up half the boards with the nice side facing down.
  4. Measure the length of the width of all the boards together. Cut 2 runners from the pallet to that size, minus 1.” You could also use furring strips instead of the runners.pallet 4
  5. Screw the first runner into the boards 4″ from the top. Place 2 screws in each board.
  6. Screw the second runner into the boards 4″ from the bottom using the same method.
  7. Flip the unit over so the strips are in the back.
  8. Keep in mind what you will be placing on the shelves. If it’s only oils, then you can place the shelves 4″ apart. If you want to leave room for books, carrier oils, and other things, make sure it has enough height. My first unit has 6 shelves for oils, a shelf of rollers, a shelf for jars such as sore muscle cream and bath salts, then the last shelf has enough room for mason jars, carriers, and smaller sized books. We have built two others to meet the needs of my supplies/homemade items. Write down your measurements on a piece of paper.
  9. Measuring from the bottom up, make marks where you will be placing your shelves. Keep in mind the width of the shelves you are placing on it, so 4″ then 4″ is not going to give you 4″ shelves if you didn’t account for the width of the shelf itself. The bottom shelf will be level with the bottom of the unit.
  10. Flip the shelf over on its side.
  11. Carefully screw the shelves into the boards where your measurements are, screwing from the back into the boards for your shelves. It’s okay to have a lip left at the top, because you can still store oils there. That’s where I put my vitality oils and other natural cooking stuff.pallet 6
  12. Pick the shelf up. Have one person hold the shelf up on the wall while a second person screws the pallet shelf into the wall. Put the screws in about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way down the shelving unit.

*You can also do this with a board and shelves you buy at the store. You will need furring strips for the back. We did this with cedar.

pallet mine



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